CMM probe head, styli and rack changer


CMM Probes, Styli and Accessories

Measurement is vital to any manufacturing business, providing essential information to control processes and verify products. But older coordinate measuring machines can become bottlenecks if they fail to keep pace with changing measurement needs. 

In the current climate, upgrading makes good economic and ecological sense.  Inspec can provide a comprehensive range of retrofit solutions, from simple touch-trigger probing up to advanced 5-axis measurement. 

Also available are modular fixture systems for CMMs, Vision, and Optical Comparators.  These are attractive and highly functional systems at reasonable prices.


In metrology, motion control, machine calibration, Renishaw innovations enhance precision, efficiency and quality. Touch probes, probe heads, styli and much more! Also, Inspec is an elite, factory trained and certified member as a UCC retrofitter. We have access to exclusively support material and information from Renishaw.

FixLogix offers modular fixturing systems for CMMS, vision systems and optical comparators.