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Do You Really Need That Setting Plug?

by Steve Maykovich, Gage Leader

Considering purchasing a Master Thread Setting Plug for your Adjustable Style Thread Rings? By taking this step you will ensure you have a functional fit for your rings and therefore allows you to periodically check your ring gages for proper alignment and wear.  The Setting Plug is truncated in the first portion of the gage and measures your ring’s pitch diameter, while the full form section in the back is used to make sure that there is proper clearance at the major diameter of your ring gage.

Many lab technicians think the Setting Plug is only for the purpose of setting the ring to the proper size. However, it also has the function of inspecting the ring gage for wear. The use of the Master Thread Setting Plug can easily detect other conditions, such as: a ring that has become “Bell Mouthed”, or has worn “Flank Angles”. 

Why a functional fit as opposed to direct measurement? It is nearly impossible for a Metrology Lab to have the capability for direct measurement of every possible thread size, so direct measurement is used as an alternate method.  Also, direct measurement will not engage the threads as the Setting Plug would. Use of a Master Thread Setting Plug will not only give you a reliable functional fit, it will also confirm the sectioned helix is in alignment.  AGD (American Gage Design) Adjustable Thread Rings can lose alignment of its sectioned helix, once the adjusting screw is loosened, necessitating alignment verification.

It also makes sense to purchase the Setting Plug, if you have multiple sets of Adjustable Thread Ring Gages of the same size. Now all of the multiple sets can be verified as functionally, the same size.  And finally having the Thread Setting Plug as a master will allow periodic checks and validation should a problem arise or a Thread Ring is dropped.

We hope you find these arguments for purchasing Setting Plugs compelling, whether you purchase them from Inspec, Inc., or someone other gage supplier.  You and your company will benefit from the added security of knowing that your Adjustable Style Thread Ring gages are always working properly.

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  • Braden Bills | Apr 12, 2017
    It makes sense that you would want to have the right size of plugs for any kind of equipment. This is especially true if it's being used for industrial purposes! It would be bad if you used the wrong size and ended up causing problems because of it.

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