Height Gage


Height Gages

Height gages are used for measuring the height of components or product features.  They can vary from simple surface gages for measurement transfer and marking, to motorized, digital machines.  Height gages are available with both English and metric incremental scales as well as scale, digital and dial variations.

There are several type of height gages including: vernier, micrometer and surface gages. Micrometers are the most common height gage and are used for precision dimensional gaging.  They consist of a ground spindle and anvil mounted on a horizontal steel frame.



Fowler Company's product line includes height gages, precision tools, electronic measuring instruments, optical measuring instruments, gage calibration equipment and hardness testers.

Mitutoyo produces CMM's, measuring instruments including hardness testers and height gages, form measuring equipment, vision systems, optical comparators, small tools, integrated scales and sensors.

L.S. Starrett produces over 5000 products including: Precision tools & gages including height gages and hardness testers, granite surface plates, gage blocks, precision ground flat stock and drill rod, vision systems, optical comparators and force measurement systems.