Surface Plates

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Surface Plates

Surface plates are a hard, flat surface, usually made of granite that is used as a base for inspecting parts.

Granite comes in either pink or black with the pink having a higher wear resistance.  It also comes in three grades AA - laboratory grade, A - Inspection grade and B - tool room grade.  Options also include no ledges, 2 ledges or 4 as well as customization for for work holding attachments. 



Mitutoyo produces CMM's, measuring instruments including hardness testers and height gages, form measuring equipment, vision systems, optical comparators, small tools, integrated scales and sensors.

L.S. Starrett produces over 5000 products including: Precision tools & gages including height gages and hardness testers, granite surface plates, gage blocks, precision ground flat stock and drill rod, vision systems, optical comparators and force measurement systems.