• Automatic-probe-recognition
    Manufacturer: Nikon
    Type: Retrofit / Upgrade
    Model: CMM Manager Software
    Condition: New

    Fully Integrated Measurement Environment

    • Task Oriented working environment with simple and intuitive user interface design, easy to learn and easy to use.
    • Walking-in measurement for quick dimension check.
    • True Click-n-Measure Capability for CAD measure.
    • CAD based and task oriented graphical programming.
    • Virtual simulation and real-time verification.
    • DMIS part program support including high level language.

    Advanced Path Planning
    • Automatic probing angle selection.
    • Collision detection and smart collision avoidance.
    • Inspection path optimization.
    Powerful Alignment Tools
    • 3-2-1 alignment for prismatic datum features.
    • CAD alignment for free-form surfaces.
    • Alternative datum alignment for soft fixturing.
     Convenient Reporting Functions
    • Complete ASME Y14.5 GD&T support.
    • Graphics assisted tolerance reporting.
    • Graphical dimensioning tool for quick dimension report.
    • Drag-n-Drop graphical report creation.
    • Various combinations of customizable text and graphical report.
    • Web-ready HTML report output.
    • Built-in best-fit analysis functions for CAD comparison.

    Reverse Engineering Support
    • Exporting measured features to IGES and DXF file format.
    • Exporting measured points to IGES and DXF file format.

    Includes 1 day training for 2 people at manufacturer facility, Brighton MI. 

    ID: P-401
    Sale Price: $10,900