Torque Services 


Torque wrenches are subject to repetitious movements,vibration, pollutants and other factors that can have a negative impact on their precision readings. Calibration adjusts the wrench to keep it performing with accuracy and at the proper specifications so the amount of torque indicated on the gage is a true indication of the torque applied.

Inspec calibrates and repairs torque wrenches up to and including 1000 ft-lbs. We also calibrate torque testers and transducers.   

If repair isn't an option, or it's time for a new wrench, Inspec can help with that too.  Check our online store or talk to us about new torque wrenches.

Torque Tip: to extend the life of your torque wrench, be sure to leave it at it's lowest setting, changing it only for use.  This will help the wrench stay in calibration and need less repairs.

torque wrench calibration
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